World Down Syndrome Day 2015

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People with Down Syndrome have been targeted for extinction. In November, the New York Post heralded The End of Down Syndromeand profiled a new, safer test for pre-natal detection. Before this test was available, 92% of Down syndrome diagnoses (and many times false diagnoses) resulted in the mothers choosing to terminate their pregnancies. With these new tests, some experts foretell the ends of Down syndrome.

Why the hurried desire to rid the world of people like Donny, Kyle, Lisa, Caleb, Anthony?

Certainly it isn’t because their disability poses a physical threat to anyone. Rather, children and adults with Down syndrome pose a different kind of threat to society – the visual reminder that our aspirations for ‘perfection’ may be flawed, that our consuming desire for normalcy is threatened. People like Anthony disrupt normal.

Screen shot 2015-03-21 at 6.25.02 PM Precious Anthony (

Why do the majority of expectant parents determine not to carry these pregnancies…

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To The Mother Who “Can’t Support Feminism” While Raising Her Sons

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When I read the article titled “I Am A Mother Of Two Children And I Cannot (And Will Not) Support Feminism,” I knew immediately that I would read an entire page of comments about why feminism degrades traditional values, how it contradicts a functional society and how feminism is a threat to masculinity — all the while never grasping what feminism itself is ACTUALLY about. You see, people love to throw words around based on their stigmas without having any real comprehension of their actual meanings. So here is my clarification.

Being a feminist is not like putting on a pink tee shirt and then disposing of it when it no longer fits or suits you. Feminism is about achieving equal rights on the most fundamental bases. It’s something you feel empowered by, not a label to try on and discard later. So when you…

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The Personality Culture.

Why is it not okay to be an introvert? Or a little bit shy? Or not good at public speaking??? Why does our culture demand for me — an extremely introverted person — to be good at all of this extroverted stuff? How is that fair?
I want to go back to the 19th Century, when the world lived in a Culture of Character, where we focused more on what moral values we had, or how honouring and respectful we are. Instead, I am drowning in a world that puts “personality” first. A culture that cares more about the first impression they had of you than your established reputation, a culture that cares more about how flamboyant and outspoken I am, rather than my values and the thoughts that are going through my head. This culture cares more about what witty remarks I can come up with, instead of how well I listen to other people. It kills me.