An Important Message for the Driver Who Was Behind Me Earlier Today

To the woman driving a dark grey (or black) Mazda in the southeast end of Barrie (on July 14 2015, around 2 pm) by the Shoppers Drug Mart on Prince William Way who honked at me and made faces and hand gestures in my direction to show me just how irritated you were with my driving:


I am 16 years old and a new driver. So new, in fact, that my real license with my picture on it hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet. Maybe you realized that after I pulled over to let you pass. Or maybe you didn’t; you seemed pretty wrapped up in speeding past, scowling and waving your arms in my direction. I understood. You were irritated with me and impatient. I’m sorry for going 5km under the speed limit! I didn’t realize you were in that much of a hurry!! Had I realized, I would have gone at least 20km over the speed limit so you could get to your destination more quickly.

My apologies for not being a brilliant driver (yet). I should be, though, seeing as I’ve been driving for a whole three weeks now. Right??


The bad driver of the grey Honda Odyssey


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