To The Mother Who “Can’t Support Feminism” While Raising Her Sons

Thought Catalog


When I read the article titled “I Am A Mother Of Two Children And I Cannot (And Will Not) Support Feminism,” I knew immediately that I would read an entire page of comments about why feminism degrades traditional values, how it contradicts a functional society and how feminism is a threat to masculinity — all the while never grasping what feminism itself is ACTUALLY about. You see, people love to throw words around based on their stigmas without having any real comprehension of their actual meanings. So here is my clarification.

Being a feminist is not like putting on a pink tee shirt and then disposing of it when it no longer fits or suits you. Feminism is about achieving equal rights on the most fundamental bases. It’s something you feel empowered by, not a label to try on and discard later. So when you…

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